Eventi in Toscana

La Colombaia è situato in posizione centrale all’interno della Toscana e ti dà accesso a una serie di eventi locali e festival. Ci sono gli eventi in arrivo:

Palio delle Contrade

When: Third Sunday in May
Where: Fucecchio (FI) (15 min drive, 10km)

The palio held in the city of Fucecchio is a local event reminiscent of the great Palio held in Siena. There is a week of celebration based around the twelve districts of the city which includes parades and various ceremonial events including the choosing of the horses for each district.

Website: www.paliodifucecchio.it

Medieval Festival

When: May/June
Where: Malmantile (FI) (32 min drive, 30km)

Every year, the small village of Malmantile, near Lastra, is transformed into a fifteenth-century village. Featuring a variety of attractions, including over 150 people dressed in historical costumes, this is a great way for the whole family to see the middle ages come to life.

Website: www.festamedioevalemalmantile.it